From Statute
Organizational Structure of PLAN.E.T.:
- General Assembly;
- Board of directors;
- President

The board of directors choose a Vice President internally.

During the first meeting a board of member with the functions of secretary was chosen

Board of directors composition

Roberto Fresco

Vice president
Domenico Prisa

Secretary Executive director
Andrea Pederiva

Board member
Antonio Sireni
Emanuele Pozzobon


Artificial Intelligence: Models, Data and Algorithms

Practical aspects and implementation in agriculture

Webinar meeting 29th June 2020, 6-7PM CEST

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This event, organized as a Webinar, aims to present the book Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence written by Roberto Marmo and published by Hoepli. To follow, a panel discussion will be managed in order to go into depth on artificial intelligence for the agriculture domain and discuss on examples and experiences of the participants.
In order to participate in the webinar please send an email to info@plantheplanet.org


Presentation of the meeting
Roberto Fresco

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms: presentation of the book published by Hoepli and written by
Roberto Marmo

Data and experiments in Agriculture
Domenico Prisa

Round table: How to improve Agriculture using Artificial Intelligence approach
Roberto Fresco
Roberto Marmo
Domenico Prisa
Massimo Silva

Questions and conclusions

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Passion and technologies for a new balance between Man and Nature

Innovation in Agriculture to support sustainability and biodiversity

Webinar meeting, 14th May 2020, 9 PM CEST

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This event, organized as a Webinar, aims to introduce the objectives of the association, personal skills and perspectives for the agriculture domain that needs even more innovation in times like this.
In order to participate in the webinar please send an email to info@plantheplanet.org

Meeting Programme

Objectives of the association
Emanuele Pozzobon

Microorganisms and sustainable protocols for crops and plant defense
Domenico Prisa

Technologies and innovation towards a new agriculture
Roberto Fresco

Corporate citizenship and the Green New Deal
Andrea Pederiva

Perspectives and conclusions
Roberto Fresco

Question & answers

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Link for the meeting

Recently PLAN.E.T. submitted a new European proposal H2020 Widespread-05-2020 Twinning (CSA) within a partnership with high competence on sustainable agriculture, whose title is SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE FOR A SAFE ENVIRONMENT (SA4SE).

more info about the call.

Becoming a member

To become member of PLAN.E.T., you must download a copy of the PLAN.E.T. Membership Application Form in PDF.
The Board of directors reviews membership applications. In case of positive admission, communication (art. 3 Statute) will be sent to the applicant.
For information on membership fees download the application form.

Download the application form

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